About Us

  • 1. About CPC

    The Chamber of Psychology and Counselling, established in early 2021, is a non-profit organization with a primary mission to promote quality counselling and enhance mental well-being. In just a span of two years, the Chamber of Psychology and Counselling (CPC) has achieved remarkable success, becoming renowned for its high-quality services and outstanding accomplishments.

    One of the distinguishing features of the CPC is its commitment to offering 100% FREE Memberships and a wide array of complimentary services. The organization is well-regarded for providing exceptional guided internship opportunities to individuals passionate about psychology and counselling.

    The Chamber of Psychology and Counselling, guided by its slogan "We Build Quality Counsellors", is dedicated to fostering a community of well-trained counselors and contributing to the betterment of mental health.

    • World’s First Counselling Chain Franchise.
    • Asia’s Best Social Service Organization.
    • Sri Lanka's Leading Psychology and Counselling School.
    • Sri Lanka's Largest Psychology and Counselling Membership Organization.
    • Sri Lanka's Finest Psychology and Counselling Establishment.
    • Sri Lanka's One & Only Psychology and Counselling Training Platform.
    • Sri Lanka's First 100% Free Counselling Centre.

  • 2. Chairman/ Founder's Message

    As the Founder and Chairman of the Chamber of Psychology and Counselling, I established this non-profit organization out of a profound passion for Psychology and Counselling.
    We operate globally, driven by our Vision and Mission, with a core commitment to offering quality education and services that's affordable and free.
    Our focus on sustainability and strategic decision-making is key to our long-term success. We have a dedicated team that cultivates a culture valuing the counselling profession and encourages those passionate about promoting mental well-being.
    Our management is dedicated to guiding all CPC stakeholders, providing opportunities for character development and maintaining high quality service expectations. We aim to empower individuals from all walks of life with the desire to learn, delivering the best education and services to help them succeed and contribute positively to society's mental well-being.

    Prof. Dr. Irshad Ahmed
    Chairman/ Founder
    Chamber of Psychology and Counselling.

  • 3. FAQ

    • Why should I join CPC?
      You should consider joining CPC because it offers a wealth of benefits, including access to high-quality education and services related to Psychology and Counselling, opportunities for personal and professional growth, and a supportive community of like-minded individuals dedicated to promoting mental well-being.
    • How can I become a CPC Member?
      To become a CPC Member, simply meet the eligibility criteria, and you can obtain a CPC Membership.
    • Is the CPC Membership Free?
      Yes, currently all CPC Memberships are 100% FREE.
      (No associated costs).
    • What benefits do CPC Members receive?
      CPC Members gain access to quality educational opportunities, counselling resources, and a supportive community. They can attend free courses and benefit from various services.
    • Is CPC only for professionals, or can students join as well?
      CPC welcomes both professionals and students with a passion for Psychology and Counselling. Our community is inclusive and diverse.
    • How can I get involved with CPC's initiatives and activities?
      You can get involved by becoming a CPC Member, participating in our free courses and events, and contributing to our mission of promoting good mental health.
    • How many CPC Free Courses can I follow?
      You can follow one Free Course as a New CPC Member. Existing CPC Members are permitted to follow any number of Free Courses with mandatory attendance.
    • What kind of internship opportunities does the CPC offer for Psychology and Counselling students?
      At CPC, we offer exclusive and guided internship experiences for Psychology and Counselling students. Our internships provide hands-on training and practical experience in various counselling settings, ensuring students gain valuable skills and insights into the field. These opportunities are designed to enrich your educational journey and prepare you for a successful career in counselling.
    • What is the Evaluation Process of the Diploma Course?
      The evaluation process for Chamber of Psychology and Counselling (CPC) students are comprehensive. It includes successfully completing all course modules, internship, project assessments, online examinations, and a final written and practical exam session. Upon meeting these requirements, students are automatically entitled to be awarded the final CPC Diploma in Psychology & Counselling, recognized as a Level 4 Ofqual qualification. For precise details on the evaluation process, you should reach out to CPC for clarification.
    • How to become a CPC Approved Centre?
      You have two options to become a CPC Approved Centre :
      1. Diploma Programme (Dip) :
      You can start on your own as a CPC Centre by completing the required steps and criteria for the Diploma Programme.

      2. Organizational Membership :
      Alternatively, you can opt for Organizational Membership, which allows your institution to be recognized as a CPC Approved Centre. This membership provides various benefits and collaboration opportunities.
    • Does CPC offer Free Counselling Services, and how can I book an appointment?
      Yes, CPC provides 100% FREE counselling services to promote mental well-being (no any hidden charges). You can access these services by submitting an appointment request through our application form on our website. Our dedicated support team is also available to assist you in booking an appointment.
    • Why does CPC offer Free Counselling Services, and why is it important?
      CPC strongly believes in providing free counselling services as a form of guidance and support for mental well-being and clarity. We understand that many people are in desperate need of this service because they simply want to share their problems and feelings with someone who will listen. We believe that everyone deserves a compassionate ear to hear them out. Offering free counselling is our way of making mental health support accessible to all, regardless of their background or circumstances. We are committed to promoting good mental health and being there for anyone seeking assistance, as we believe that seeking help is a fundamental human need.
    • Are my details as a counsellee held confidential?
      Yes, we take your privacy and confidentiality seriously. All information you share during counselling sessions is held in strict confidence. Our counsellors adhere to ethical guidelines that require them to keep your personal details and the content of your sessions confidential. Your trust and comfort are of utmost importance to us, and we ensure that your information remains secure and undisclosed to anyone outside the counselling process.
    • How can I contact CPC for more information or support?
      You can reach out to CPC through our official website or contact our support team for any inquiries or assistance.
  • 4. Our Partnerships, Memberships and Affiliations